Pupdate - Daylight Savings Time

Happy Daylight Saving time friends!

It's been a big week here at Knox Girl Soap. (Ok, I've basically slept through it, but I've definitely noted the humans moving around more than normal.)

Body Butters are finally available online and they are amazing! So amazing in fact, that this week I ate half a container while the humans were away. Luckily, they're made with food grade ingredients like shea butter, coconut and olive oil so I was fine.

FB page of the week

My human laughs really hard whenever she reads stuff this dog writes. I'm a little offended, but I'm moving past it. I mean, he is a cute dog.

Product Spotlight

We know patchouli is a bit controversial, it's basically the cilantro of the essential oil world. But we LOVE it! Especially combined with cedarwood, turmeric and charcoal.

It's Here!

An article with interesting info on why we have daylight savings time, as well as tips to adjust.

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