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Life is like a chopped off finger

I sliced off a bit of my fingertip the other day peeling potatoes. It hurt terribly, blood everywhere and that horrible sting of nerve pain. I wrapped it immediately and finished dinner with a throbbing finger. Later when I took off the bandage the air hit it and it burned so much I rushed to cover it again. By the next day I knew the bandage needed to come off. If I left it on much longer the skin would get all white and pruny and gross, the wound would stay damp and eventually get infected. Just like the first time, it stun so goddamn bad. I couldn’t use it correctly so I typed weird and felt uncomfortable and thought...

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Hello in there?

Since this pandemic has taken over our lives I've been focused on keeping this little soap business going. I've been thinking of how to stay connected with my community, make a difference, stay positive, stay active, be engaged, keep up momentum. I've worried about how to keep my kids stay connected with friends, having video calls with parents, co-workers, customers, planning activities. My effing phone is beeping nonstop from emails, FB messages, Instagram DM's and text.  If someone reaches out to support my business I'm obligated to say yes or I'll look ungrateful and my business will fail. If I want to be a good parent I need to plan virtual play dates. No one explicitly says these things, but it...

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Celebrate the Stuff that Matters

Hey friends. How are you? Where are you on the wave as you read this? You know the wave I'm talking about. It goes from, "Life feels amazing and even though this is crazy I know we will come out stronger for it" to "The fabric of our society is going to tear in two and all hope for humanity is lost. And it goes from one to the other in, like, 10 minutes lately.  My years in 12 step programs have taught me so many important skills, and one is to control what I can and leave the rest. (Ever hear of the serenity prayer? That's kind of our thing in AA.) So we ask for the serenity to...

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The world feels crazy, but you don’t have to!

Not sure if you've heard, but there's this virus going around, and people are having some feelings about it. You know, like pure primal fight or flight panic, rage, existential crisis's, irrational toilet paper hoarding (or is it rational?!), despair, depression, hopelessness etc... Personally, I have been noticing that I bounce from panic to despair and then straight into warm, fuzzy, feelings about the goodness of people. When I'm in panic or despair, my brain tells me that I’ve always felt this way and I will always feel this way. Free a few weeks of this I finally noticed a pattern to when I am feeling hopeful and when I'm feeling terrible.  Last week I was talking to my therapist...

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Pupdate - Daylight Savings Time

Happy Daylight Saving time friends! It's been a big week here at Knox Girl Soap. (Ok, I've basically slept through it, but I've definitely noted the humans moving around more than normal.) Body Butters are finally available online and they are amazing! So amazing in fact, that this week I ate half a container while the humans were away. Luckily, they're made with food grade ingredients like shea butter, coconut and olive oil so I was fine. FB page of the week My human laughs really hard whenever she reads stuff this dog writes. I'm a little offended, but I'm moving past it. I mean, he is a cute dog. Product Spotlight We know patchouli is a bit controversial, it's...

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