It Will Be Okay Sticker
It Will Be Okay Sticker

It Will Be Okay Sticker

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We all need a reminder sometimes that it will be okay. Now you can share this message with others when you slap our 3" durable vinyl sticker on your laptop, water bottle, bike helmet or car bumper.

Years ago I was driving down the road, really struggling. I stopped at a red light and the car in front of me had a little sticker that said "It will be okay." I felt like it was speaking to me, and I felt better. I've never forgotten how that little sentence gave me hope in a hard moment. As with everything we do at Knox Girl Soap, we hope our sticker will add a little joy to yours (and other's) day!

How To

Apply it to a clean, flat-ish surface, making sure there are now air bubble. This vinyl sticker will stay vibrant for years to come. Enjoy!