We love Our Mother!

At Knox Girl Soap we are always working to find ways to lessen our environmental footprint. 

All soaps are “waste free”. We use a stamp for our logo, and the small sticker on the back is made with a compostable sticker made of sugar cane. Check out Pure Labels, they’re a great company! 

We use glass rollers that can be reused indefinitely! We recommend making your own essential oil blend once you’ve finished ours.

Tin containers for our body butters can be recycled when you finish them, but why not repurpose them? Think of all the uses you can find for cute little containers around the house. 

All of our shipping supplies can be reused and/or recycled, and we work hard to reduce the size of packages to lessen filler material. 

We are aware of the problems with palm oil, and only use vendors that are certified RSPO. In an effort to lessen our reliance even on responsibly sourced palm oil we recently re-formulated our soap to lower the palm oil content, and the results were fantastic! 

All products are vegetarian, most are vegan and everything is cruelty free. We test on ourselves, not innocent animals. 

We recycle or reuse all containers at our facility. And we are always on the lookout for more sustainable and eco friendly products, packaging and vendors. 

Do you know of a company that we should work with? Do you have suggestions for how we can become greener? Please drop us a line and tell us more!