Booty Balm - Healing Diaper Salve

Booty Balm - Healing Diaper Salve

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Babies shouldn't have their precious skin covered in chemicals and artificial scents, and they don't have to. This natural salve is perfect to protect and heal diaper rash, and is cloth diaper safe.*

Formulated with beeswax to create a natural barrier against moisture while healing oils and butter like shea, olive and coconut oil moisturize and heal. A light blend of Lavender and Orange essential oil leave your little one smelling clean and fresh, even after those dirty diapers!

Hand poured into an environmentally friendly screw top tin, this product is small enough to slip into a diaper bag for on the go changes. 

*While all ingredients are cloth diaper safe, some cloth diaper companies recommend a disposable liner when using natural products like these. 

2oz by weight


Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Essential oil Blend

How to Use

After cleaning diaper area, apply to any area that ill be affected by moisture. Apply a thicker layer to heal existing diaper rash. This is a safe and chemical free product and can be applied after every diaper change.