Citrus Joy Aromatherapy Roller
Citrus Joy Aromatherapy Roller

Citrus Joy Aromatherapy Roller

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Ever feel like you could do with a little boost throughout the day? Us too!  That's why we created our Citrus Joy Essential Oil roller. Meant to be carried with you, it's the perfect way to clear the fog, brighten your day and lift your spirit. 

A blend of pure essential oils with sweet almond to soften your skin, while lifting your mood quicker than a venti latte!  Small enough to take anywhere, slip it into a pocket and bring moments of joy and clarity to your day!


Sweet almond oil, A blend of pure citrus flesh out the top notes, middles notes that include rosemary and a heart note of sandalwood.

How To

Apply anywhere you like (neck and wrist are popular places) when you could use a boost. Breathe deep and feel the brightness of pure essential oils fill your body. Then, go be a part of the solution and brighten someone else's day!