Green Aromatherapy Roller
Green Aromatherapy Roller

Green Aromatherapy Roller

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If the color green has a scent, it is definitely this. A complex blend that evolves the longer it is worn, you're met with crisp and herbaceous basil first. As that top note mellows, peppermint and rosemary join the basil for more depth in the heart note of the fragrance. As basil recedes, the dense and woodsy base notes of pine and vetiver begin to grow stronger and linger.


Sweet Almond Oil, A blend of pure basil, rosemary, peppermint, pine and vetiver essential oils

How To

Apply this roller to your wrist, neck (or anywhere you like really!) Take a moment to pause and enjoy the blend of scents as they warm onto your skin. Give yourself a minute to do nothing, just relax and reset. As you feel a burst of joy, go spread it with others!