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Knox Girl Soap

Solid Dish Soap Set

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Begin your journey towards a more natural and environmentally friendly home! Our Soap Dish set contains everything you need to replace your hand dish washing routine with a plastic free, reusable and zero waste system. 

Our large rust resistant tins hold 8 oz of pure coconut oil dish soap and a blend of essential oils. Our sisal and beechwood dish brush is the perfect size to make washing a breeze.



100% Pure Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Essential Oil Blend, Castor Oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Smells like summer

The honeysuckle scent is a MUST. It makes washing dishes by hand a lot less sucky. The brush & bristles have held up great over the last 2 months, and I love the sustainability of the soap refills!

Perfect Gift!

I am an early Christmas shopper, I ordered 5 of these soap dish sets in October for my kids gifts.
So when my first son opened his, he said,” I’m hiding mine, because this is a great set w nice soap. If I don’t, my roommate will use all of it!” The other 3 were equally happy with our gift. The 5th one is for me, lol

I found Mel’s site after seeing it on our friend, Hannah C.’s page. As soon as I started browsing, I fell in love w her Vegan soap products. So far, this one is the favorite♥️

Kathleen Angelo
Great product

I’m working on my footprint on this earth. This dish soap does that. It also is a great soap. I’ll never buy liquid dish soap again. Mel, I love what your doing. So proud of you.

Makes dishwashing almost enjoyable

LOVE the smell and lather of this dish soap! I feel so much better using this on our kids dishes and bottles because i know it is so much safer for them than anything in the store. This is definitely the only way i wanna wash dishes now!

Leah Thompson
From a dishwasher-less household:

I love this dish soap! Our home is still living in the past without a dishwasher, so I have been FLYING through liquid soap; this is a waste of both soap and plastic. I love Mel’s solid dish soap for its ability to smell amazing, last me a good while, cut down on my waste and clean better than any liquid soap I’ve used. It’s a daily use product for me!