Wooden Dish Brush
Wooden Dish Brush

Wooden Dish Brush

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Begin your journey towards a more natural and environmentally friendly home! This sisal and beechwood dish brush is a perfect companion for our solid dish soap. The natural bristles create a rich lather to clean but are gentle enough to be used on non stick cookware.

To ensure your brush lasts as long on possible, we suggest using with our rich Wood Oil to waterproof and season your wood. (It works great on all wooden kitchen accessories!)

*This item is for brush only, it does not include soap or wood oil


Beechwood handle with Sisal Bristles. 100% vegan, plastic free and zero waste. 

How to Use

Run bristles under warm water then rub on solid dish soap to cost bristles in soap. Rub on dishes and you will soon see it create rich lather. Rinse dish under warm water, will dry without streaks or spots. Rinse soap off brush and hang to dry.