Earl Grey Aromatherapy Roller
Earl Grey Aromatherapy Roller

Earl Grey Aromatherapy Roller

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If you're looking for a complex, rich and uplifting scent, our Earl Grey fragrance roller will be a perfect addition to your day! One of our most popular blends, Earl Grey combines familiar bergamot, musk with hints of lime and amber to create an incredibly unique scent. 

Small enough to take anywhere, slip it into a pocket and bring moments of joy with you throughout your day!


Sweet Almond Oil, Essential oil blend, phthalate free fragrance oil

How To

When you need to add joy and feel a sense a calm, simply apply anywhere you like (neck and wrist are good places to start).

You may choose to use this ritual to remember you can carve out a minute to rest and feel grounded. Once you feel that calm inside, go share it with the world around you.